It was a dark time in vaping....

An evil had enslaved vapers across the land.  This evil presented itself in the form of high-priced e-liquids!

People knew they were being taken advantage of, but slick marketing and shiny bottles convinced the vapers of the land that they were utilizing the best option.  They helped themselves to feel better by speaking amongst themselves of  their "premium vaper" status.  Their worries over their e-liquid would grow as they vaped their overpriced bottles, but upon return to their favorite B&M, the employees would again dazzle them with the slick marketing and shiny bottles, soothing their fears, if but for a short time.

Some vapers broke the spell of the evil high-priced e-liquids, however they were turned to an equally dangerous mistress:  cheap flavorless e-liquid.  They consoled themselves with the fact they were spending less on their liquids, but every time they vaped they ached for those premium flavors, and still found themselves buying occasional answering the call of the high priced e-liquids.

Then one day, two monks, Golden and Crimson, returned from their travels with intentions of freeing the vapers from evil.  They had traveled far and wide, and consulted the great masters of e-liquid production to offer the vapers complex "premium" flavors at a reasonable price point!  

The evil high-priced e-liquids cried and gnashed their teeth as vapers flocked to the tasty concoctions of the monks, leaving the money fountain of the high priced e-liquids to wane.  The flavorless cheap e-liquids likewise bellowed in agony as their tranced vapers found they could continue their budgetary ways without vaping flat uninspiring liquids.

And so was born the Guild of Potion Sellers, with the goal of freeing vapers from the slavery of high priced "premium" e-liquids, or their evil counterpart, cheap flavorless e-liquids.

Track down the Monks yourself and see what can be when you combine complex premium flavors and a reasonable price point.....